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Our Purpose

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

- Maya Angelou

Traces without temporal limits

We believe it is essential to capture, communicate, and immortalize stories, moments, and memories in a captivating manner so that they endure over time. Leaving a positive impact on the audience, these traces must be also fascinating and enriching while the expressiveness and originality of the subject is kept untouched.

Our Portfolio

Suba la presión – Music Video

“Suba la Presión” is an urban genre production that tells a story with the goal to promote an artist’s unique style through an audiovisual production. This production stands out for stimulating one’s imagination amidst a fusion of colors, dance, and the freedom of human desires.

Corporación educativa indoamericana – Corporate Video

In this project, the flight attendants’ instructions and the high quality of service and presentation are communicated, all with the goal to highlight the high standard of education maintained by the Indoamericana Aviation Training Center Corporation.

Recuerdos de un llanero – Short Documentary

A man passionate about uncovering the hidden gems of his life embarks on a journey with his family, touring the savannas of Villavicencio where he grew up and developed his character, recalling tough moments he experienced as a child. These experiences have a strong impact on his adult life, and over time, having his three children, he realizes the great love he has for them and undergoes several personal changes that he is about to discover. His youngest daughter begins to investigate her father more deeply and documents the events.

Get to Know the Founders

Alieth pulido

Alieth is a passionate professional cinematographer whose work involves communicating compelling stories about people, events, or value propositions that captivate her audience. As a video production facilitator for her clients, Alieth aims to offer high-quality consulting and ideation processes to those who seek to stand out in their market and connect with their audience on a personal level.

With experience at Dieciseis9 Films, a film company that has been nominated several times at the India Catalina Film Festival in Colombia, Alieth employs technological tools such as Photoshop in her independent filmmaking efforts in addition to Adobe Premiere Pro.


Mariana pulido

Passionate professional makeup artist dedicated to creating unique projects in the audiovisual and editorial fields, Mariana considers herself creative, visionary, and highly skilled in composition, color, techniques, and hairstyling. With the goal of telling impactful stories, Mariana firmly believes that makeup is more than just an accessory; it is an essential enhancer that provides essence and memorability, creating a strong connection with the viewer.

She works in commercial or advertising productions, fashion photography and video, music videos, and other projects seeking to capture their identity. Additionally, Mariana stays updated on the latest trends to highlight the originality of the individual, production, or project, and she is capable of understanding the needs of the client or company thanks to her business knowledge.

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